Moving in

P1010641 Whilst on my daily walk on the Common, I noticed that this gnarly old tree had a new resident.

Nice Results

IMG_0831 This morning have been printing on iron mordanted linen with very young sycamore leaves. I am thrilled with the results. Every detail of each leaf is as clear as crystal, almost photographic. Amazing since they were unwrapped almost immediately from the pot. Am especially pleased since this fabric is reserved for a very special purpose, to be revealed later!IMG_0832

More Sampling

IMG_0828 Am in the process of making decisions about how to join my large hanging. It is in 8 sections currently so will be a mission to put together.

On Silk


IMG_0815 I have forgotten what wonderful marks and colours can be achieved on silk. On the left are the very last rose leaves from my Easter flowers and on the right the humble red and brown onion.

Rose Leaves and Petals on Khadi Paper

IMG_0808 I have not done a huge amount of experimenting with printing on paper. I was really just trying to fined a way of getting the last ounce of pleasure from the Easter roses. I was extremely pleased with the results.