Time to Countdown!

degree show poster Its just over a month to go before the final exhibition. There are seven of us graduating this year and the standard is extremely high. (I am not including myself in that comment- that is for others to decide!) We are all in various stages of preparedness. Rather oddly, bearing in mind the appalling weather we have had,I have nearly completed my final body of work. Obviously this is to be kept under wraps until the day. If anyone is at a loose end on any of those days, I strongly urge you to visit. Not only will there be our final exhibition on show but also some very strong work from the large group of second years on the course. In addition to this there will be a Masterclass exhibition and displays of City and Guilds embroidery and patchwork and quilting. If that were not enough we also have traders in attendance; ArtVanGo , Winifred Cottage, Silk Sacks Chrome Yellow Books and Thermofax Printing

Uncommon Ground

I have been looking forward to going to this Exhibition at Southampton City Art Gallery with much anticipation and it did not disappoint. Its full title in ‘Uncommon Ground, Land Art is Britain 1966-1979’ and it gave a real flavour of what was happening in the the Land Art movement during this period.
Some highlights were –942564_533936399989903_1319876772_n Top; Forked twigs in Water 1979   – Andy Goldsworthy
FULTON,_Hamish_AC_200067 Middle; Seven Days Alberta 1978 – Hamish Fulton
AC_1211613 Bottom;Stone Circle 1972 – Richard Long

I think one of the things that struck me most about the whole exhibition was the importance of photography in this early work – something that has been mirrored in what I am doing at present. It is a fabulous exhibition and well worth a visit and the bonus is that it is free. Also there is an additional exhibition at the John Hansard Gallery examining the work of Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson.

Green at last!

P1010678 The Common is finally green at last and the trees all have their new sets of leaves. The vivid limes we have at present will gradually tone down. It is lovely to see how things change on a daily basis, particularly after such a long and protracted period of hibernationP1010683

Dye Garden

IMG_0858I have just planted out my dye plants. Left are some very healthy weld plants from last year. I am surprised they look so good since the weather in 2012 was not conducive to good growth and results from all the other plants I grew were disappointing. Gone out today are a load of Japanese Indigo, some madder and a few dyers chamomile. At the back there are some black hollyhocks for IMG_0859which I have great hopes

Jurassic Coast

IMG_0458 A somewhat rare trip out nowadays to the Dorset coast and more specifically Kimmeridge, a very special place and somewhere I have known all my life. This particular beach is characterised be the most amazing rock formations. Before we left I grabbed my camera but very sadly on arrival I found that it was out of battery. However I did manage to capture something on my phone. Have vowed to return soon


There are fossils in the rocks everywhere

IMG_0465 And the most amazing marks in the rocks


IMG_0467 So varied


IMG_0475 More fossil markings



I feel a whole new body of work coming on!

A Bit of Printing

IMG_0852IMG_0851Had a free day with nothing much on so I decided to do some printing with a gelatin plate. All plant materials were gathered on my morning walk on the Common. I think I was in a bit of a hurry and did not make a very good plate because it began to break up quite quickly – however rather than give up I just carried on with very interesting results. The picture on the right shows the ‘negative printing which is equally interesting.