Jurassic Coast

IMG_0458 A somewhat rare trip out nowadays to the Dorset coast and more specifically Kimmeridge, a very special place and somewhere I have known all my life. This particular beach is characterised be the most amazing rock formations. Before we left I grabbed my camera but very sadly on arrival I found that it was out of battery. However I did manage to capture something on my phone. Have vowed to return soon


There are fossils in the rocks everywhere

IMG_0465 And the most amazing marks in the rocks


IMG_0467 So varied


IMG_0475 More fossil markings



I feel a whole new body of work coming on!

4 Comments on “Jurassic Coast”

  1. arlee says:

    Caroline, this is so inspiring! You’re right about the possible work too 🙂 I’m planning a trip at the end of the month to our Burgess Shale area where there are fossils prevalent. Lots of photos and sketches will be made for sure!

    Start stitching, Girlie!

  2. kfar2013 says:

    Beautiful and captivating photos. Visited the Jurassic Coast from Canada in 2010 and loved it and the whole region. Hope to have the chance to return in the future.

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