Time to Countdown!

degree show poster Its just over a month to go before the final exhibition. There are seven of us graduating this year and the standard is extremely high. (I am not including myself in that comment- that is for others to decide!) We are all in various stages of preparedness. Rather oddly, bearing in mind the appalling weather we have had,I have nearly completed my final body of work. Obviously this is to be kept under wraps until the day. If anyone is at a loose end on any of those days, I strongly urge you to visit. Not only will there be our final exhibition on show but also some very strong work from the large group of second years on the course. In addition to this there will be a Masterclass exhibition and displays of City and Guilds embroidery and patchwork and quilting. If that were not enough we also have traders in attendance; ArtVanGo , Winifred Cottage, Silk Sacks Chrome Yellow Books and Thermofax Printing

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