A Show of Marks and Stitches part 2

Robina Richter’s inspiration comes from the Emms Valley in the snow


I love the way she has used such vibrant colours to depict a winter landscape


IMG_0048 Alison Hulmes exuberant display of screen printed pinnies is very much autobiographical. The prints themselves come from deconstructing and reconstructing all the work she has done since embarking on the course

Jan McGarry has traveled extensively in Africa. Her starting point for work is usually the beautiful photographs she takes there. Her body of work is entitled Zebras and More……IMG_0082



Janet Steer’s work, very intriguingly entitled ‘A walk in the Mountains Arranged According to the Laws of Chance’ has used maps to create memories of time and place. She has spent literally days and days weaving and spinning these intricate pieces

IMG_0103 Catherine Fox has been studying the essence of movement in dance. She has been collaborating with several local groups of dancers and these long cloths are the result. She is very much into the use of gestural drawing in her work.

As individuals our work is very distinct, as a group we work extremely well together demonstrated by what turned out to be a fantastic exhibition.


3 Comments on “A Show of Marks and Stitches part 2”

  1. Sue says:

    Wonderful work, thanks for showing us that Caroline. I’m even more sorry that I dudn’t make it to the exhibition.

  2. great photos in both the marks and stitch galleries. would love to have pics for marketing the course….

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