More Copper

Had another session of printing with copper. I have to conclude that for me it is the most successful method of eco printing although am not sure how eco it is with all that copper – not something to be done every day. This lot is earmarked and will be stashed away for later.P1020160








Got the Blues (at Last!)

The indigo vat I started the other day was a flop and although it worked for a while it did not impress and no amount of coaxing and additions improved things, I disposed of it. However I have a project in mind that needs to be blue so with my very best Mayan indigo, I started another vat. This time complete success!


The cloth I am using are actually cleaning cloths bought from a car boot sale. They have clearly been used and laundered but they are 100% cotton and are fabulous to stitch with. The only limitation is the size which is about 30cm by 30cm. I have or had literally hundreds of these and I think that the lot cost about £5.00.




I am extremely pleased with the results, my hands are now an alarming shade of blue!

More Dyeing

Now the weather has picked up again I have continued with the dyeing. Yesterday it was hibiscus. I have never dyed with this before

The liquid after boiling up the flowers was a wonderful deep claret colour. I was worried that I would end up with something very similar to the Brazilwood. However happlily I endded up with a lovely soft pink – exactly what I was aiming for


Today I have got the indigo vat out.


However careful I am I suspect I will be sporting blue fingers by the end of the day


I am taking advantage of the dry weather and dyeing on an almost industrial scale. Yesterday it was Golden RodP1020123

Today it is Brazilwood. Am hoping for the lovely claret colour I usually get. Looking promising


It comes in off the line in a glorious tangle


And has to be tamed and ordered ready to sell


I guess I am getting closer to being open for business again!

Festival of Quilts

P1020098A surreal day was to be had yesterday at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC. I have never visited this show before as a punter as am usually there selling hard! This year I am reserving all my energies for the Knitting and Stitching Shows at Alexandra Palace and Harrogate where my work is featuring in the Graduate Showcase. I also have a stand at Alexandra Palace but it will be radically different to previous years but more about that in a later post. Back to the quilting show… One of the main reasons for going was to see the work of our former tutors, Susan Chapman and Terrie Hitchcock. Although obviously biased this exhibition entitled ‘Evidence of Bodies’,was a favouriteP1020099
Sorry Sue and Terrie about the quality of my pics and they looked much better in the flesh
I was also extremely impressed to learn that one of our number, Lynne Onions is considered to be a ‘rising star’and was selected by the Quilters Guild to make a piece for their ‘In the Spotlight’ exhibition. Brilliant and well done!P1020102
The theme for this year is ‘Underground’
I was also very taken with the work of Mandy Patullo, whose exhibition entitled ‘Thread and Thrift’ was right up my street. She reuses old fabrics and quilts, remaking them into new collages and then embellishes them with stitch.P1020115



The last noteworthy item was a quilt to be found in an exhibition curated by Jan Petranik an expert in Banjara or historic Indian textiles. This quilt was extremely won with many layers worn away exposing the fabrics underneath. I was not able to resist taking numerous photos since each square inch was a gem in its own rightP1020103