More Copper

Had another session of printing with copper. I have to conclude that for me it is the most successful method of eco printing although am not sure how eco it is with all that copper – not something to be done every day. This lot is earmarked and will be stashed away for later.P1020160








4 Comments on “More Copper”

  1. arlee says:

    Gorgeous!~i wonder often about that as well, but it’s iron that works best here.

  2. Jenny says:

    These are good, I have been doing prints with fabric that I have wrapped around plumbers coppers pipes I soaked the fabric in salty water first, they have turned out well especially with citrus leaves. A tip I got from India’s workshop in Scotland.

    best jenny L

    • thredfairy says:

      Hi Jenny
      You lucky thing making it to Scotland. I was due to go but was unable because the dog wasnt well. Good tip about the salty water. There are so many possibilities and variations. Would love to see what you have done some time.

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