In Progress


This is a somewhat imperfect picture of work in progress but I kind of like it so it is staying. Still wet leaf prints from the other day have now been stuck onto muslin. I am unsure whether I like how it has gone yet, I think I prefer the tissue. Depending on how it dries will determine what happens next

All Done!

Autumn seems to have come early this year, Lots of leaves are on the turn.





This awareness has been instrumental to my dyeing like a madwoman over the last couple of weeks. I do not wish to be in the position that I was in with my final body of work with a ton of inspiration but nothing to work with. In the end this lack was quite serendipitous and determined the final outcome in an extremely positive way. However I have lots of things in the pipeline over the next few months so I need materials on hand to follow through. I have now finally hung up my dyepots for the forseeable future. My hands are a seemingly fetching shade of grey and the conservatory looks like hell.
I am in need of some more tissue pieces. Unfortunately. although interestingly the prints on the paper I used at the beginning of the year were rubbish so I had to use a thicker paper which seemed to come out ok



I only hope I will be able to use them in the same way as the finer tissue
By the time I had finished with all the paper the water in my pot was as black as ink so I put in some final pieces of fabric with dramatic effect.IMG_0354




I have now got my needle and thread out with the aim of stitching all winterIMG_0356-001

These are just little bits of nonsense – samples to work out where I am going.

Knitting and Stitching Show

Its that time of year when my thoughts drift to preparations for the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. For several years now I have taken a stand there as Thredfairy and have always enjoyed it immensely. However this year it is all change. Firstly and rather sadly Thredfairy is no more (almost) since I am now focusing on naturally dyed supplies and have decided to trade under my own name and it was my intention to launch this at the show. However a spanner was tossed in the works by my selection by the Embroiderer’s Guild to participate in this years Graduate Showcase which I am very proud and pleased so to do. However this left me in something of a fix since I cannot be in two places at once. Happily one of my ex- student colleagues Alison Hulme has stepped in and will run the stand and it seemed only fair to me that we should share the space. Hence this year stand TGB13 at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace will go under the name of Caroline Bell and Alison Hulme. I blogged very briefly about Alisons work after our degree show, but here is a little more. Alison is currently making pinnies and bags which are hand screen printed with her own designs. Each piece is a one-off, a masterpiece in its own right and contains script and imagery very pertinent to her own life. Indeed the pinny itself, has a lot of significance for Alison since she has spent a lot of her working life behind a pinny.



Some people might recognise the model. Alison wanted a stroppy teenager for her photo shoot.


More about my own offerings later

Embroidered Leaves

I have been reminded of the work of Hillary Fayle whose exquisite work i came across earlier this year. Lots of obvious resonations for me since she is passionate about the environment.  She coats the leaves in a non toxic preservative to conserve and retain colour as well as rendering them more easy to stitch into. She then uses a mixture of traditional and ori ginal embroidery patterns to fill the spaces






In her own words; “I generally try to use renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials for my art, so this was an obvious choice. I feel that the elaborate stitching reflects the intricate patterns and incredible detail found in the natural world”
Photos and more to be found at