The New Crop

This weekend saw the FdA stitched Textiles final degree show at Eastleigh College. It seems a lifetime away yet only a year since this was I and my fellow Marks and Stitch students in the same position.
It was a fabulous show hats off to all this years crop, everyone produced some lovely work. I took a lot of picture with my large camera but sadly for some reason they were all duds. These are a few I was able to snatch on my phone this morning that are ok sorry to anyone I leave out but rubbish images are not a good look!

This work entitled ‘The Hunter or the Hunted’ is by Linda Onions who has been focussing on childhood memories and fairy tales. She combines quilt methodology with non traditional three dimensional work .

Sarah Waters work ‘The Growth of a New Fabric’ is literally that – she has been growing her own fabric using a combination of yeast and bacteria in a glucose solution, which when dried becomes a useable surface

I particularly loved these little shoes.

I also loved Barbara Stranges small abstract landscapes in ‘Where the Sea meets the Land…’


Lastly I managed to snatch a couple of good pics of Helen Sills extensive body of work ‘Welcome to my Planet’ where inspiration clearly comes from within

I particularly loved her pile of 3D forms

All in all a fantastic well presented exhibition congratulations to all

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