Festival of Quilts 2014


Our stand

It is only now that I have begun to recover from the Festival Of Quilts. It was an extremely enjoyable 4 days.

Round the corner were Sue Chapman and Lynne Onions. Am not sure where the pic of Sues half has gone but here is Lynnes. Sue and Lynne are starting up a new workshop enterprise which should be up and running sometime early next year. Link here

I enjoyed Debbie Lyddons contribution to Fine Art Quilt Masters
And this one by Claire Higgott

Of all the exhibitions I think I enjoyed Ann Johnstones most.



Aside from the visual delights, the one thing that I have come away with is the fact that there is a lot of misinformation floating about about natural dying and printing, including practices that might be positively harmful to health. I am thinking therefor that reluctant workshop giver that I am, I might well join the fray. At least then people could learn safely.

A Complete Fugitive

Last night I finally managed to crack open my jar of fabric with honesty flowers in. The lid had stuck fast and all occupant to the house and several visitors had failed to get it off. The contents looked promising…


Said jar is on the far right and when the fabric came out it was a lovely shade of lavender. However when dry it was clear the colour was completely fugitive. I had expected this but felt I ought to try. Since for me colour is not a priority I will be happy with fifty shades of grey and will work with what I get


Meanwhile another cloth in a  ‘before’ picture about to be completely transformed. While I really like it as it is it does rather look like a lot of other work around


Packing. Labelling and Ironing

It is five days to go before the Festval of Quilts opens. I am as we speak busy labelling , ironing and packing all manner of things to take to the show.  As previously mentioned I am sharing a stand with Alison Hulme this year. Please note that we have moved stands from E27 to the Quilters in Action section at QIA 16.

While neither Alison or I would see ourselves primarily as Quilters there is inevitably some elements of quilt in our work and I have dug out some work.to display which hopefully reflects this.

I am looking forward to seeing all the exhibitions this year and will be posting the highlights here in due course