Countdown Time (again!)

It is about three weeks to go before the first Knitting and Stitching show opens. The first one at Alexandra Palace is the big one since not only am I exhibiting as Embroiderers Guild Scholar but also I still have a stand shared and manned (womanned?) ably by Alison Hulme who again will be selling her beautiful pinnies. We are to be found at TGB 13. My exhibition is located at TGJ14.

I have been laying out my completed work but until I get there I am not sure how it is all going to hang together. To give myself some options I decided that I needed something else. So out came the pot and I spent yesterday with leaves and Khadi paper.




I am not sure how to proceed with these. Ideally I would like to stitch on them but time may prevent this.

3 Comments on “Countdown Time (again!)”

  1. dianaangus says:

    Beautiful as is!

  2. Tricia says:

    And it’s getting better, it’s getting stronger, in the words of Mama Cass! Your work is developing so well at such a rate. Good luck. What about a small amount of machine embroidery that would be quite swiftly done. 😉

  3. thredfairy says:

    I think they look well as they are Diana but am mindful as this is for the Embroiderers Guild I ‘ought’ to put stitch on. I might surprise everyone and myself and get my machine out!

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