Colour at the Granary

Delivered the first of two workshops at the Granary Studio yesterday. Results were stunning!

I think all the participants went home very happy. There is a second workshop next week. I believe there are 2 places still available to book

This workshop would probably now only be suitable for those with a little experience

I am also hoping to return in 2016 for spring eco printing.


4 Comments on “Colour at the Granary”

  1. Norma Goodwin says:

    Caroline, I loved the workshop and am feeling stimulated. I’ve located a Rhus so will bring some leaves next week. Norma

    • thredfairy says:

      Hi Norma
      I am enjoying the experience as well. Fab you have found some sumac it it one of my favourites. Also if you can get some of the flower/seed heads would be great

  2. Helen says:

    These colours are amazing! I have never achieved anything so bright! Do you pre-treat the cloth?

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