Jurassic Coast

IMG_0458 A somewhat rare trip out nowadays to the Dorset coast and more specifically Kimmeridge, a very special place and somewhere I have known all my life. This particular beach is characterised be the most amazing rock formations. Before we left I grabbed my camera but very sadly on arrival I found that it was out of battery. However I did manage to capture something on my phone. Have vowed to return soon


There are fossils in the rocks everywhere

IMG_0465 And the most amazing marks in the rocks


IMG_0467 So varied


IMG_0475 More fossil markings



I feel a whole new body of work coming on!


Moving in

P1010641 Whilst on my daily walk on the Common, I noticed that this gnarly old tree had a new resident.

Marks on the Ice


Am currently looking for interesting marks in nature and those in particular on the Common. I especially love these in the ice on the ornamental pond.



P1010592 These were taken on Southampton Common this morning.

My tree fetish continues. I think I am just playing a waiting    game until the leaves return.

One in a hundred

P1010415 Once in a while, even with poor photographic skills and a very basic camera, one can catch a winner.