Spring Cleaning

I am having a rethink about the direction of my work and what I do at the moment so my attention has been turned to having a bit of a clear out. I realise that I have far too much stuff and it is really time to downsize as I suspect in many ways it is inhibiting creativity.

One of the first step I have taken is to revitalise my shop. Over the coming weeks I will be adding all kinds of things that may well be of interest.

In the meantime I have listed some selections of naturally dyed silk threads and some fabric packs of odds and ends

Shop is revitalised

Due to my attention being focussed elsewhere, my shop has languished  somewhat with very little for sale in it. Well no more!

These are some of the smaller items on offer there at the moment. I am also hoping to offer some textile artworks as soon as I can get round to it.
I have also taken advantage of the very unseasonable weather to dye some threads. It is such a long time since i have experimented with variegated and I have forgotten how pleasing it is to watch how the colours mix and intermingle to create new ones. They are of course natural dyes and the fibre is silk.


Some of these will be available in the shop to buy in due course.
To go to shop click on link at top of page or here

New Items in Shop

I have finally got round to stocking up my shop. All the items listed have been coloured using natural dyes. I have sat on them for a long time (at least a year) because I wanted to see what would happen with the passing of time and I am happy to report that they have remained the same as the day they were dyed. I obviously cannot vouch for long term light/wash fastness but this is probably true for all types of dye whatever the source. Here is a sample of some of my stock;Image

silk perle threads


Fabric packs




Click here to go to shop or on the link at the top of the page

Countdown Time

It is now just over a week before the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace and my preparations are all but complete. I have been hugely busy because not only do I have a place in the Graduate Showcase, I also still have my usual stand which will for the first time be stocked with naturally dyed items. Alongside a selection of threads,fabrics and other supplies, I will be selling a number of finished items.


These include scarves, T Shirts, journals, sewing rolls and a whole host of other things. As previously mentioned I am sharing this space this year with Alison Hulme. Please come and see us – our stand number is TGB13. Its on the far left hand corner as you enter the Textile Gallery. It is generally less frenetic in that corner and there is a coffee stand nearby so a great place loiter.

I should really mention other collegues, friends and tutors that will also be present at the Show. I am joined in the Graduate Showcase by Janet Steer


…and Jan McGarry


Another great showing from Eastleigh College. A previous Eastleigh alumni, . Nicky Barfoot has been selected for the Knitted Textile Awards.

Link to more of her work


Our former tutors Sue Chapman and Terrie Hitchcock will be reprising their exhibition from the Festival of Quilts – Evidence of Bodies. For those who have already seen, it will be worth returning for another look since there will be new work on show.



Last but definitely not least my good friend Lindsay Taylor has a stand and will be signing her new book – Embroidered Art. She is to be found on stand RCE11. She has promised me she is going to dress her stand up to the nines so well worth a look if not to buy. This is a link to her website



Knitting and Stitching Show

Its that time of year when my thoughts drift to preparations for the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. For several years now I have taken a stand there as Thredfairy and have always enjoyed it immensely. However this year it is all change. Firstly and rather sadly Thredfairy is no more (almost) since I am now focusing on naturally dyed supplies and have decided to trade under my own name and it was my intention to launch this at the show. However a spanner was tossed in the works by my selection by the Embroiderer’s Guild to participate in this years Graduate Showcase which I am very proud and pleased so to do. However this left me in something of a fix since I cannot be in two places at once. Happily one of my ex- student colleagues Alison Hulme has stepped in and will run the stand and it seemed only fair to me that we should share the space. Hence this year stand TGB13 at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace will go under the name of Caroline Bell and Alison Hulme. I blogged very briefly about Alisons work after our degree show, but here is a little more. Alison is currently making pinnies and bags which are hand screen printed with her own designs. Each piece is a one-off, a masterpiece in its own right and contains script and imagery very pertinent to her own life. Indeed the pinny itself, has a lot of significance for Alison since she has spent a lot of her working life behind a pinny.



Some people might recognise the model. Alison wanted a stroppy teenager for her photo shoot.


More about my own offerings later


I am taking advantage of the dry weather and dyeing on an almost industrial scale. Yesterday it was Golden RodP1020123

Today it is Brazilwood. Am hoping for the lovely claret colour I usually get. Looking promising


It comes in off the line in a glorious tangle


And has to be tamed and ordered ready to sell


I guess I am getting closer to being open for business again!