From the Earth

I realize with all the juggling and irons in the fire that has been happening recently I have completely forgotten to mention here, the very exciting event, I have been starting to plan alongside a fellow textile artist with whom I share very similar interests, Jenny Leslie – her website is here

This is some of her lovely work
LeslieJ Animal Vegetable or Mineral4jpeg_

LeslieJVegetable Animal or Mineral5jpeg

During the month of June 2016 we are planning to hold an exhibition which celebrates ethical and natural practices within textiles in its broadest sense. This will be staged in the barns at PS Arts, Datchworth, Herts, website here. Alongside this we are setting up a series of related workshops led hopefully by some well known names. The whole thing is entitled From the Earth. Its has a dedicated website and blog and a page on Facebook. We are also pleased to announce that Jenny Dean has very kindly agreed to open the exhibition for us.

We are going to announce a Call for Artists at the end of January 2015 which hopefully will give anyone interested in participating plenty of time to put something together. I am hoping that we will get at least a few expressions of interest from overseas in order to give the whole thing an international flavour.


Having a lovely time in Harrogate.




Unwrapping Paper

Until I came to Dublin, I have always unwrapped my paper immediately after cooking it. Since health and Safety issues meant that I could not demonstrate the whole process while at the Show, I spent the whole of last Tuesday making a whole stack to bring with me. I was a little concerned that I would have nothing to show but a soggy mess when I finally revealed all. Far from it, I probably have the best collection I have ever had.




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This has certainly made me review some of my practises and while I believe there is probably no merit in leaving processed materials for ages unopened, encouraging mould and all sorts, a little more patience clearly seems to bear fruit

RDS Dublin

I am really enjoying the Knitting and Stitching Show in Dublin. It is lovely to be able to have another look at work I enjoyed in London such as the moving exhibition by the late Renate Keeping

I have also had the novel experience of being an Artist in Action for Art Van Go


It was a great opportunity to explain some of my processes with lots of visual props. More of this today.
Am also looking forward to having a closer look at all the Irish exhibitions and buying some Donegal Tweed.


It has been a hectic couple of days here at the Knitting and Stitching Show. I have spoken to literally hundreds of people, many of whom have had very kind words to say about my work. As usual I have had difficulty getting decent photographic images.



I am hoping that I have better on my big camera which will be posted on my return home

Sneak Preview

I have just completed one of my pieces for the Knitting and Stitching Shows. I am not entirely sure how I feel about it.
These are a few details of the piece which is on Eco printed paper. Dimensions of the whole thing are approximately 25cm by 150cm.

It’s just over a month to go and still an awful lot to do.




The New Crop

This weekend saw the FdA stitched Textiles final degree show at Eastleigh College. It seems a lifetime away yet only a year since this was I and my fellow Marks and Stitch students in the same position.
It was a fabulous show hats off to all this years crop, everyone produced some lovely work. I took a lot of picture with my large camera but sadly for some reason they were all duds. These are a few I was able to snatch on my phone this morning that are ok sorry to anyone I leave out but rubbish images are not a good look!

This work entitled ‘The Hunter or the Hunted’ is by Linda Onions who has been focussing on childhood memories and fairy tales. She combines quilt methodology with non traditional three dimensional work .

Sarah Waters work ‘The Growth of a New Fabric’ is literally that – she has been growing her own fabric using a combination of yeast and bacteria in a glucose solution, which when dried becomes a useable surface

I particularly loved these little shoes.

I also loved Barbara Stranges small abstract landscapes in ‘Where the Sea meets the Land…’


Lastly I managed to snatch a couple of good pics of Helen Sills extensive body of work ‘Welcome to my Planet’ where inspiration clearly comes from within

I particularly loved her pile of 3D forms

All in all a fantastic well presented exhibition congratulations to all


I am very pleased to announce that I have been awarded an Embroiderers Guild Scholarship. This will run from now until April 2015 and involves a project and an opportunity to exhibit (again) at the Knitting and Stitching Shows and at the Embroiderers Guild AGM next year. Since the work I did last year surrounding Southampton Common threw up so many possibilities, most of which were unrealised, I am going to continue with this line of investigation. The papers from the previous post are a starting point as are the birch bark experiments from the one before that. There are so many more leaves available this year compared with a year ago. I also have the luxury of a lot more time to experiment.

During my daily walk on the Common this morning I was shocked to discover there had been a fire during sometime in the last 24 hours




Luckily it was confined to a fairly small area, it could have been so much worse. It occured to me that were the Common were to be devastated then again I would be thwarted!


I have been somewhat quiet of late. Definitely a case of the winter blues and also waiting for things to happen. It is interesting how much my work is dictated and defined by the seasons. I have decided that there is still a great deal of mileage in terms of inspiration from the Common, more about that when I have decided on a direction. In the meantime some recent imagesImage








Society of Designer Craftsmen Annual Show

I have just returned from my stint as Steward at the annual society of Designer Craftsmen exhibition at the Mall galleries in London. All in all it was a fabulous show with a huge array of talent. Sadly I do not have any photos apart from a general one.sdc

It is well worth a visit – the show is on until this Sunday.

Rather unfortunately I had a bit of a disaster with some of my own pieces which came adrift in their frames so they could not be displayed in the shop. A timely lesson to make sure that whatever one submits it is completely perfect and ready to go. However. some of my larger pieces were ok and hanging