Going Grey

In actual fact have been going grey since the age of about 24 and the process has yet to be completed. However the reference here is to work I am embarking on currently. It is for an exhibition entitled ‘Six Shades of Grey’ in which I am involved as part of the exhibiting group Room 6 at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show at the NEC in Birmingham  on 17th – 21st March next year. I have collected my fabrics

10888504_971989622822980_34782672069450635_n 11695789_971989422823000_3622934337536445374_n 11751871_971989506156325_4943117412130317366_n 11752192_971989859489623_4802568629950797609_n

and dyed the threads


Just the small matter of combining together to produce something. It seems like a long way away, however with 2 other large exhibitions coming up after its as well to get ahead of the game. Watch this space for updates.


IMG_0001As a little light relief from the stresses of last minute preparations for the Final exhibition, I decided to play around with mordanting with copper. I am always looking to find ways of dyeing with leaves that are distinct and different as I do not seek to replicate the work of others. This may be a way forward. These are the results – all on cotton sheeting.IMG_0002


Ornamental BrambleIMG_0004

Sweet Chestnut