Birch Bark

I am continuing to use the Common as a starting point for new work. During all the windy weather many birch trees came down and I have been collecting bits of the bark with the view to exploring its dye potential.Image

A rather lovely piece. The bit that has the dye in it is the layer of bark under the white outer. It was extremely difficult to prise it away from the wood. However I managed to put together enough for my purposes. I decided to use the ‘slow method’ of leaving it in a jar I wrapped one of the pieces of fabric in some old beer bottle tops also gathered from the Common. It has been stewing away on my window ledge for about 3 weeks. The intention was to leave it longer however I noticed this morning it was looking distinctly murky so I decided that enough was enough and I tipped the whole lot into a pan and then boiled it up to kill anything that was growing in it. These are the resultsImage

I think there is potential here and the whole process merits further investigation. 



I have been somewhat quiet of late. Definitely a case of the winter blues and also waiting for things to happen. It is interesting how much my work is dictated and defined by the seasons. I have decided that there is still a great deal of mileage in terms of inspiration from the Common, more about that when I have decided on a direction. In the meantime some recent imagesImage








Green at last!

P1010678 The Common is finally green at last and the trees all have their new sets of leaves. The vivid limes we have at present will gradually tone down. It is lovely to see how things change on a daily basis, particularly after such a long and protracted period of hibernationP1010683

Moving in

P1010641 Whilst on my daily walk on the Common, I noticed that this gnarly old tree had a new resident.

Marks on the Ice


Am currently looking for interesting marks in nature and those in particular on the Common. I especially love these in the ice on the ornamental pond.

One in a hundred

P1010415 Once in a while, even with poor photographic skills and a very basic camera, one can catch a winner.