New Items in Shop

I have finally got round to stocking up my shop. All the items listed have been coloured using natural dyes. I have sat on them for a long time (at least a year) because I wanted to see what would happen with the passing of time and I am happy to report that they have remained the same as the day they were dyed. I obviously cannot vouch for long term light/wash fastness but this is probably true for all types of dye whatever the source. Here is a sample of some of my stock;Image

silk perle threads


Fabric packs




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In Progress


This is a somewhat imperfect picture of work in progress but I kind of like it so it is staying. Still wet leaf prints from the other day have now been stuck onto muslin. I am unsure whether I like how it has gone yet, I think I prefer the tissue. Depending on how it dries will determine what happens next

More Copper

Had another session of printing with copper. I have to conclude that for me it is the most successful method of eco printing although am not sure how eco it is with all that copper – not something to be done every day. This lot is earmarked and will be stashed away for later.P1020160