Green at last!

P1010678 The Common is finally green at last and the trees all have their new sets of leaves. The vivid limes we have at present will gradually tone down. It is lovely to see how things change on a daily basis, particularly after such a long and protracted period of hibernationP1010683


A Bit of Printing

IMG_0852IMG_0851Had a free day with nothing much on so I decided to do some printing with a gelatin plate. All plant materials were gathered on my morning walk on the Common. I think I was in a bit of a hurry and did not make a very good plate because it began to break up quite quickly – however rather than give up I just carried on with very interesting results. The picture on the right shows the ‘negative printing which is equally interesting.

Nice Results

IMG_0831 This morning have been printing on iron mordanted linen with very young sycamore leaves. I am thrilled with the results. Every detail of each leaf is as clear as crystal, almost photographic. Amazing since they were unwrapped almost immediately from the pot. Am especially pleased since this fabric is reserved for a very special purpose, to be revealed later!IMG_0832

More Sampling

IMG_0828 Am in the process of making decisions about how to join my large hanging. It is in 8 sections currently so will be a mission to put together.


IMG_0800 Having given up waiting for this seasons leaves to reappear, I have decided to work with what I have,namely these sweet chestnut leaves which are the only viable varieties now left on the common. I have now tried them every which way on different fabrics with different mordants on different poles. I think I have made a decision which may or may not be altered further along the line. The sample above was achieved with an iron mordant and is on khadi cotton ( hand woven, organic, fairly traded from India). I feel this will work well with the sepia photography I have been playing around with recently. The cloth itself is beautiful, with a lovely weight and drape and ideal for what I have in mind. More later, although the grand reveal will have to wait for the exhibition.