All Done!

Autumn seems to have come early this year, Lots of leaves are on the turn.





This awareness has been instrumental to my dyeing like a madwoman over the last couple of weeks. I do not wish to be in the position that I was in with my final body of work with a ton of inspiration but nothing to work with. In the end this lack was quite serendipitous and determined the final outcome in an extremely positive way. However I have lots of things in the pipeline over the next few months so I need materials on hand to follow through. I have now finally hung up my dyepots for the forseeable future. My hands are a seemingly fetching shade of grey and the conservatory looks like hell.
I am in need of some more tissue pieces. Unfortunately. although interestingly the prints on the paper I used at the beginning of the year were rubbish so I had to use a thicker paper which seemed to come out ok



I only hope I will be able to use them in the same way as the finer tissue
By the time I had finished with all the paper the water in my pot was as black as ink so I put in some final pieces of fabric with dramatic effect.IMG_0354




I have now got my needle and thread out with the aim of stitching all winterIMG_0356-001

These are just little bits of nonsense – samples to work out where I am going.

Time to Countdown!

degree show poster Its just over a month to go before the final exhibition. There are seven of us graduating this year and the standard is extremely high. (I am not including myself in that comment- that is for others to decide!) We are all in various stages of preparedness. Rather oddly, bearing in mind the appalling weather we have had,I have nearly completed my final body of work. Obviously this is to be kept under wraps until the day. If anyone is at a loose end on any of those days, I strongly urge you to visit. Not only will there be our final exhibition on show but also some very strong work from the large group of second years on the course. In addition to this there will be a Masterclass exhibition and displays of City and Guilds embroidery and patchwork and quilting. If that were not enough we also have traders in attendance; ArtVanGo , Winifred Cottage, Silk Sacks Chrome Yellow Books and Thermofax Printing

Time is my enemy

IMG_0788 Time has been a recurrent theme for me recently both in my work for my final exhibition and in preparations for the ICHF show in Birmingham. I think I am almost there now but only just.