I have now cut up all the stitched pieces of cloth and reassembled them in a 3 metre long strip. Unsure where this is going. Am thinking I need a collection of strips but it is not practical that they all have the same level of intensive stitching. Am also aware of the need for whatever I do at the moment needs to be double sided.



Sneak Preview

I have just completed one of my pieces for the Knitting and Stitching Shows. I am not entirely sure how I feel about it.
These are a few details of the piece which is on Eco printed paper. Dimensions of the whole thing are approximately 25cm by 150cm.

It’s just over a month to go and still an awful lot to do.




Stripping the Willow

Its been a busy time,a lot is going on at present with interesting news coming in all the time. I have just been asked to make some journals for Hilliers which is very nice. I am also given to understand that there will be an extra day of the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. This set me off on a frenzy of dyeing and printing since I will still have a stand at the show ( reprising my partnership with Alison Hulme of last year) although I will be otherwise engaged as Embroiderers Guild Scholar.

The beauty of natural dyeing and printing is despite however many times you do it there are always surprises and something new to learn. This weekend I discovered the possibility of making beautiful prints with willow despite failing on many previous occasions.Image

I decided to seize the moment and had a bit of a willow fest.


I also discovered a red hazel in a friends garden


I love the navy blue from this one

Some old favourites printed particularly well also




Ornamental bramble

For those who might be concerned that I might be dawdling over my scholarship work,this is certainly not the case. I have printed a mountain of paper of various kinds,plus fabric all with material sourced from the common. I have several jars full of various dyestuffs and fabric sitting in my conservatory in the pursuit of colour ( more of this later) I have also begun to make work.




Now the weather is warm I am hoping to take my sketchbook and camera up to the common for an extended session probably without the dog since he will be into trouble as soon as I take my eyes off him.

Birch Bark

I am continuing to use the Common as a starting point for new work. During all the windy weather many birch trees came down and I have been collecting bits of the bark with the view to exploring its dye potential.Image

A rather lovely piece. The bit that has the dye in it is the layer of bark under the white outer. It was extremely difficult to prise it away from the wood. However I managed to put together enough for my purposes. I decided to use the ‘slow method’ of leaving it in a jar I wrapped one of the pieces of fabric in some old beer bottle tops also gathered from the Common. It has been stewing away on my window ledge for about 3 weeks. The intention was to leave it longer however I noticed this morning it was looking distinctly murky so I decided that enough was enough and I tipped the whole lot into a pan and then boiled it up to kill anything that was growing in it. These are the resultsImage

I think there is potential here and the whole process merits further investigation. 

Waxed vessels

As a way of marking time I thought I would make some waxed and printed bags. This I quickly abandoned when I realised that although I do not particularly like my machine I do need to keep it in some kind of working order and this was not the way to go. Instead rather than waste the material I decided to make some very simple vessels and once started I got a bit carried away. I had forgotten how much I like working in 3D. What I am going to do with them, I am as yet unsure. I like the way the light shines through them so maybe I will play a bit with that.





I have been somewhat quiet of late. Definitely a case of the winter blues and also waiting for things to happen. It is interesting how much my work is dictated and defined by the seasons. I have decided that there is still a great deal of mileage in terms of inspiration from the Common, more about that when I have decided on a direction. In the meantime some recent imagesImage








Artists View

Last night we went to the artists private view of the ‘Wild and Woolly’ exhibition at Rums Eg. Sadly I have been somewhat preoccupied of late and I forgot my camera. Happily a friend was able to pass on some images she had taken of my work (thanks Kat) but there were lots of other lovely things there and when I get a minute I will return.DSCF0633




It is an alien thing to me to frame my work but it was a requirement of the gallery. I was lucky enough to be put in touch with Alan Tait who makes frames out of recycled materials and this has had the effect of making quite small pieces into large works.
The good news is that I have sold 2 of the 8 pieces already.
A bit of a quiet time now and then its off to Harrogate to the next Knitting and Stitching Show



Having a great time at the Knitting and Stitching Show and have met lots of lovely people.

More Sampling

IMG_0828 Am in the process of making decisions about how to join my large hanging. It is in 8 sections currently so will be a mission to put together.

Fashion Embroidery Stitch

Was very busy yesterday, lots of talk and a few nice sales. Today has been much quieter in part at least due to the snow. Cannot believe it is nearly the end of March.